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INTEREUROPA, d.d., Koper

Public call for applications for candidate members of supervisory board of Intereuropa d.d.

The information contained in this announcement will remain posted on the website of Intereuropa d.d., Koper (www.intereuropa.net) at least 5 years from the date it is published.

The term of office of three Supervisory Board members representing the shareholders will expire this year. Therefore, the Supervisory Board of Intereuropa d.d. will conduct the procedures to invite and select the candidates for Supervisory Board members and propose them to the General Meeting, scheduled for 30 June 2017. The term of office of a Supervisory Board member is four years. One member will commence her/his term of office on the date of the General Meeting, and two members on 10 September 2017.

The Committee for Appointments and Receipts, which is a permanent committee of the Supervisory Board of Intereuropa d.d., will conduct the selection procedures and propose to the Supervisory Board the candidates for members.

The Supervisory Board of Intereuropa d.d. invites interested candidates to send their applications. The candidates must satisfy the requirements from the enclosed Criteria for the selection of candidates for Supervisory Board members, the terms of the Slovenian Companies Act (ZGD) and of the Statute of the Company, and the recommendations from the Slovenian Corporate Governance Code of Public Limited Companies. In their applications, the candidates are required to present their competences with references, substantiating their eligibility for office on the Supervisory Board of Intereuropa d.d., enclose a CV (using the Europass model) and other documents as specified below. Scanned and duly signed applications are to be e-mailed to the Supervisory Board Secretary Dr. Damjana Jerman: nadzorni.svet@intereuropa.si or sent to Intereuropa d.d., to the Att. of Dr. Damjana Jerman, secretary to Supervisory Board, Vojkovo nabrežje 32, 6000 Koper, marked as ‘DO NOT OPEN’. Applications shall reach us no later than 7 April 2017.

After the closing date for applications, the Supervisory Board Committee for Appointments and Receipts will read the applications and make a shortlist of eligible candidates. Said Committee may invite the shortlisted candidates for an interview, if the Committee deems it necessary, and make the proposal to the Supervisory Board. The Supervisory Board will then select the successful candidates for the next term of office.

In the wording of this news release and enclosures hereto, expressions in the male gender used for applicants are perfectly neutral and apply indiscriminately to men and women. 


  • Criteria to be met by candidate members of the Supervisory Board
  • Candidate’s Statement on Meeting the criteria of Independence
  • Instruction for filling out the Statements of independence of a candidate
  • Candidate’s Statement 
  • Candidate’s Statement on Functions 
The Supervisory Board
Date: 13.03.2017