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PETROL, d.d., Ljubljana

Newly Elected Supervisory Board of Petrol d.d., Ljubljana Held its First Meeting

The information contained in this announcement will remain posted on the website of Petrol d.d., Ljubljana (www.petrol.si) at least 5 years from the date it is published.

Ljubljana, 20th April 2017 – The newly elected Supervisory Board of Petrol d.d., Ljubljana held its first meeting today. Pursuant to the provisions of the Companies Act (ZGD-1), the members elected the president and the deputy president of the Supervisory Board.

At 27th General Meeting of Shareholders of Petrol d.d., Ljubljana held on 10th April 2017, the following persons were elected Members of the Supervisory Board for a four-year term commencing on 11th April 2017: Sašo Berger, Nada Drobne Popovič, Igo Gruden, Sergej Goriup and Metod Podkrižnik. Mladen Kaliterna, Member of the Supervisory Board, whose term of office expires on 16th July 2017, will commence a new term of office on 16th July 2017. In addition to the representatives of shareholders, the Supervisory Board also consists of three representatives of employees – Zoran Gračner, Alen Mihelčič and Robert Ravnikar. Their four-year term of office started on 22nd February 2017.

The members of the Supervisory Board elected Nada Drobne Popovič as President of the Supervisory Board and Sašo Berger as Deputy President of the Supervisory Board. They also elected new members of the Audit Committee and the Human Resource and Management Evaluation Committee.

Nada Drobne Popovič
President of the Supervisory Board
Date: 20.04.2017