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PETROL, d.d., Ljubljana

Petrol d.d., Ljubljana Plans New Bond Issue

The information contained in this announcement will remain posted on the website of Petrol d.d., Ljubljana (www.petrol.si) at least 5 years from the date it is published.

Petrol d.d., Ljubljana hereby informs the public that, following the publishing of this announcement, the pre-sales process will commence on the capital market (market sounding), followed by the sales process expected to be completed by the end of June  2017 by payment of approximately up to EUR 50m for new 7-year bonds with the  expected yield range of 7Y MS + 70-90 b.p.

This announcement constitutes neither a public bond offering within the meaning of ZTFI (the Financial Instruments Market Act), nor any obligation of Petrol d.d. Ljubljana to carry out the bond issue.

The issue and sale of bonds of Petrol d.d., Ljubljana is organised by ALTA Invest, investicijske storitve, d.d.

The Management Board of Petrol d.d., Ljubljana
Date: 19.05.2017