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Ljubljanska borza, d. d., Ljubljana

'Slovenian Listed Companies Online' – Ljubljana Stock Exchange hosts a webcast in partnership with UniCredit Banka Slovenija and Wood & Co.

On Friday, 23 March 2018, Ljubljana Stock Exchange in partnership with the UniCredit Banka Slovenije, Inc. and the Czech investment company Wood & Co. hosted the first webinar of the year through the Go To Webinar platform. After the positive feedback from the market due to the organised webcasts in the previous year four of the Prime companies decided to participate in this edition: Zavarovalnica Triglav, d.d., Pozavarovalnica Sava, d.d., Gorenje, d.d. and Petrol d.d., Ljubljana.

Given the carefully coordinated date of the event, the topic discussed were the annual reports of the companies for the concluded business year. The webinar was opened by Zavarovanica Triglav, d. d. where Mr Uroš Ivanc, member of the Management Board and CFO gave a presentation on the results of the previous year. Gorenje d.d. followed as second as Mrs Jožica Turk, Executive Vice President of Corporate Finance explained what results Gorenje, d.d. achieved in 2017. Presentation of 2017 results for Pozavarovalnica Sava, d. d. was given by Mrs Polona Pirš Zupančič, Member of the Management Board. The webinar’s final presentation was given by Mr Igor Stebernak, member of the Management Board and CFO who gave an overview of the results of Petrol d.d., Ljubljana in the year behind us. In three hours’ worth four presentations were given, supported by a Q&A sections where a plethora of questions were asked in a very interesting and lively manner, indicating Slovenian listed companies are well-known internationally and are definitely a point of interest for international investors.

There was a large number of registered investors coming from Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czecz Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Montenegro, Poland, Sweden, United Kingdom and of course Slovenia. In summary, the webcast had 42 registered investors, and out of that number 24 were international. This event is just one out of many that follow the activities of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange and are organised with the intention of increasing the visibility and exposure of the Slovenian market and the stakeholders within the market.

The composition and active participation of the investors implies a high interest in such events from the investors’ point of view, nationally and internationally. With this in mind Ljubljana Stock Exchange will organise three more webinars this year:

  • 31 May 2018 – Q1 results
  • 3 September 2018 – H1 results
  • 22 November 2018 – Q3 results
Ljubljana Stock Exchange
Date: 26.03.2018