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Ljubljanska borza, d. d., Ljubljana

Ljubljana Stock Exchange’s traditional Investment Conference

Today Ljubljana hosted the Ljubljana Stock Exchange’s traditional Investment Conference, which serves as a meeting point for the interested investors in a form of one-on-one individual meetings with the most prestigious Slovenian Prime Market companies, listed at the Ljubljana Stock Exchange. This year five companies of this elite listing have participated in the event: Intereuropa d. d., Krka, d. d., Novo mesto, Petrol, d. d., Ljubljana, Sava Re, d. d. and Triglav Group, d. d.

From the analysts and investors’ point of view it seems the interest in the Slovenian Prime Market companies is big – a total of 53 meeting requests has been received for those five companies. This way the companies will have 47 individual and group meetings. Present at the event will be 17 investment companies and banks (7 Slovenian and 7 foreign-based) with a total of 22 analysts and investors.

Aleš Ipavec, MSc, President of the Management Board of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange, stated, “I am happy to see that the interest of investors in Slovenian capital market companies is increasing and the high interest of investors confirms that the Slovenian market is interesting and that the investors see opportunities and potential in the market. Such events are a perfect opportunity to showcase good companies and I am certain the event will facilitate many a quality investment decision.”

As part of the conference, the traditional awarding of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange ceremony was also held. For the first time ever, the winners have been announced at this event and not separately, with the intention of bringing closer investors and issuers for this event.

One of Ljubljana Stock Exchange’s main activities is to increase the interest in investing. The importance and success of activities of this sort is also shown in the yearly increase in the number of attendees, who wish to meet with the Slovenian Prime Market companies. Due to this fact, the Stock Exchange will continue with this event and similar activities even in the future.

Ljubljana Stock Exchange
Date: 29.11.2018