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LUKA KOPER, d.d., Koper

Session of the Supervisory Board

The Supervisory board of Luka Koper has on yesterday's meeting acquainted with the Wednesday's police investigation which occurred in the company headquarters. Members of the the Supervisory Board took a supporting standpoint towards the decisions of the Supervisory Board, which is also evident from the good results of Luka Koper achieved in the past years. In comparison with the current situation in the economic sector, Luka Koper's position remains above the average and Luka Koper is one of the rare Slovenian companies which is not taking into consideration the reduction of salaries or number of employees. The Supervisory Board took position also about the method of investigation which was inappropriate and affects the reputation of the company, but also affects the foreseen audit which was adopted on the last General Assembly.
The Supervisory Board continued the meeting with the adoption of the recommendations of the Government about the session fees and bonuses for the management and measures taken to reduce the effects of the financial crisis. The Supervisory Board ended its session on the item about employment contracts for the management. Till Tuesday 21st, when the continuation of the session is foreseen, the management will prepare a simulation of adaptation of salaries of the management which shall be congruent with the recommendations of the Government.


The Management Board


Date: 17. 4. 2009