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INTEREUROPA, d.d., Koper

Public announcement

In accordance with the provisions of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange Rules (Ljubljanska borza d.d., Ljubljana) and the applicable legislation in force, the Company INTEREUROPA d.d., Koper is issuing this announcement:

 Koper, 2 March 2012. The Managing Board of Intereuropa d.d. sent a letter to all major shareholders, inviting them to express their interest in taking part in the process of capital increase of Intereuropa d.d., or to support the financial restructuring as proposed by the creditor banks, as the case may be. The responses from all the major shareholders are expected as soon as possible.

 The public announcement will be available on the web site of INTEREUROPA d.d., at www.Intereuropa.si at least five years after the announcement date.

The Managing Board
Date: 02.03.2012