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NOVA KBM, d.d., Maribor

Peter Kukovica is the Chairman of Nova KBM’s Supervisory Board

The constituent meeting of the Bank's new Supervisory Board

In compliance with the Ljubljana Stock Exchange Rules and the applicable legislation, Nova KBM d.d., Maribor, hereby makes the following announcement:

The constituent meeting of the Bank's new Supervisory Board, appointed for a four-year term at the June Shareholders' Meeting, took place today at the headquarters of Nova KBM. The new supervisors decided to nominate Peter Kukovica as the Chairman and Niko Samec as the Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

Nova KBM's Supervisory Board consists of nine members and is appointed for a period of four years. Apart from the Chairman and the Deputy Chairman, the following other members were appointed to the Supervisory Board at the 21st Shareholders' Meeting: Keith Miles, Egon Žižmond, Duška Jurenec, Peter Kavčič, Karmen Dvorjak, Miha Glavič and Andrej Fatur.

Peter Kukovica, the newly appointed Chairman of the Supervisory Board, said: »Ahead of us important decisions concerning the future operations of both the Bank and the Nova KBM Group. The Supervisory Board will control the management of the Bank in a responsible and efficient manner, and will take decisions to the benefit of the Bank, its shareholders and all other stakeholders.«

»As a public limited company, Nova KBM is obliged to comply with the principles of well thought-out and responsible corporate governance, as laid down in the Corporate Governance Code for Public Limited Companies. I am convinced that a constructive and transparent dialogue between the Management and the Supervisory Board will form a good basis for the future development of the Bank and the Group«, pointed out Aleš Hauc, President of Nova KBM’s Management Board, upon the appointment of new supervisors.

This announcement will be available on the Bank's website (www.nkbm.si) as from 24 July 2012.

Management board of Nova KBM d.d.
Date: 24.07.2012