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Trading in 2016

After a modest start of 2016, the second half of the year on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange saw a return of optimism as there was a considerable increase in turnover compared to the first half of the year as well as a significant increase in the number of trades. Moreover, the LJSE benchmark index SBI TOP was up 3.1% year-to-date.

In 2016 Slovenian listed companies gained in their value. After last year’s drop the LJSE benchmark index SBI TOP was up 3.1% year-to-date and is standing at 717.59 points on the last trading day.

The total LJSE turnover in 2016 amounted to EUR 333.7 million, down 15.1% compared to 2015. Turnover without blocks amounted to EUR 263.4 million, down 10% compared to 2015. The majority of turnover comprised equity deals, which amounted to EUR 313.0 million or 93.8% of the total turnover. According to turnover structure, bonds followed with 5.6% and commercial papers with 0.6% share in total turnover.

Year 2016 was market also by a significant increase in the average number of trades per day compared to 2015, which increased by 72.1%. The average number of trades per day in 2016 was 339 whereas the average number for 2015 was considerably lower, namely 197.

The most traded share in 2016 was again Krka (KRKG) from the Prime Market, which generated 34.9% of the total equity turnover. The second largest contributor to overall annual equity turnover was Petrol (PETG), which generated 19.5% of all equity deals, while the third most traded company was Zavarovalnica Triglav (ZVTG), which contributed 9.2% of all equity deals.

In 2016 the total equity market capitalization, which amounted to EUR 4,999.8 million, decreased due to delisting of securities from the stock exchange market.

In 2016 the LJSE had 3 new bond listings, which were issued in the total value of EUR 2.6 billion. In addition, there were 5 issues of commercial papers in the total amount of EUR 125.9 million.

Ljubljana Stock Exchange
Date: 30.12.2016