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Trading in 2017

Yet another successful year has gone by at the Ljubljana Stock Exchange. The market capitalisation of the shares included in the Ljubljana Stock Exchange Index SBI TOP, gained on its average value for the second consecutive year. SBI TOP finished the year at 806.52 and thus recorded 12.4 percent annual growth.

SBI TOP recorded its lowest value (707.96 points) on the first trading day of the year (January 3). The first trading days were predicting a positive atmosphere and tracking the overall global bullfighting trend that has been on the capital markets for a long time. And even though the summer months are traditionally marked by a trading slumber, the summer of 2017 was also hot on the stock market. SBI TOP recorded a positive trend throughout the summer period, and on August 24, at 828.68 points, reached the highest value.

In 2017, we also witnessed an increase in trading activities and in the volume of trading at the Stock Exchange in comparison to 2016. The total Ljubljana Stock Exchange turnover in 2017 was 347.44 million EUR, which is a 4.13% increase over the year before. Turnover without block trades amounted to 243.48, million EUR, which is by 7.57% less than in the previous year. Most of the turnover was made with shares: EUR 334.57 million, followed by bonds with EUR 10.67 million turnover and commercial bills with EUR 2,21 million of turnover.

Despite more extensive turnover this year, the number of trades concluded on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange did not differ significantly compared to 2016. This year, 50,407 trades were concluded, which is by 40.83 percent less than the year before. The average daily number of trades amounted to 204, while the average value of each trade was 6,893 EUR, which exceeded the average value of the trade from 2016 for 2,976 EUR and 76 per cent.

In 2017, again, the most traded shares were shares of Krka (KRKG), a the Prime Market company, with which EUR 141.4 million or 40.7 percent of total turnover generated on the regular market was generated. Second place went to Zavarovalnica Triglav (ZVTG). The latter generated EUR 40.92 million of turnover, representing a 11.78 percent share, followed by Petrol (PETG) shares with EUR 35.47 million or 10.21 percent of the total Ljubljana Stock Exchange turnover.

The positive trend in the movement of courses was also due to the rise in the value of the entire market capitalization of the stock market, which, despite the withdrawal of 13 securities from the market, exceeded the value of EUR 29 billion. At the end of the year, 84 securities were included in trading 43 issuers with a total market capitalization of shares of  EUR 5.27 billion.

This year, three new bonds were listed for trading with a total issue value of, EUR 3.1 billion and 3 commercial bills with a total issue value of  EUR 94.33 million.

This year, the SI ENTER multilateral trading platform, which included 77 securities (76 shares and 1 bond), in the total market capitalization amounted to EUR 1.1 billion. The total volume of SI ENTER trading at the end of the year amounted to 1.997 million EUR, representing 0.57 percent of total turnover generated on the markets managed by the Ljubljana Stock Exchange.

Ljubljana Stock Exchange
Date: 29.12.2017