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Conference “Novelties on the Slovenian Capital Market”

On 14 June 2018 Ljubljana Stock Exchange organized a conference on the topic of "Novelties on the Slovenian Capital Market". Several renowned stakeholders of the Slovenian capital market participated as presenters and panellists, covering several various segments. These were Branko Železnik, Ljubljana Stock Exchange, Nikolay Vassilev, Expat Capital, Sašo Stanovnik, Alta skupina, Andraž Grahek, Capital Genetics, Renato Puklavec, NLB, Aleš Zupančič, Abanka and Matej Tomažin, Iconomi.


The conference was divided into several sections. Following the opening address from the Ljubljana Stock Exchange, investment opportunities on the Progress market (small and medium-sized enterprises) were discussed, the 1st ETF SBI TOP fund was presented, and the issue was discussed: "Will we be able to trade with cryptocurrencies on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange in the future? «. The conference was brought to an end with a round table on the potential of the Slovenian capital market.


All stakeholders see great potential in the Slovenian capital market. The ecosystem of the Exchange invites companies of the entire spectrum: from start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises to the largest ones, which have the ability to be listed as a Prime Market company. The possibilities offered by the blockchain technology were also discussed. Technology is increasingly present in our everyday life, and the capital market, like the rest of the industries, will have to adapt to this. Successful future development is seen in a combination of old knowledge, which in the past has already produced succes stories in combination with new technology, which provides more security and is available to the user anytime, anywhere.

Ljubljana Stock Exchange
Date: 15.06.2018