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Ljubljanska borza, d. d., Ljubljana

Press Release

DELO PRODAJA, d. d., Ljubljana, DPR1 bonds - admission to the Stock Exchange Market

On 18 August 2008, the Ljubljana Stock Exchange adopted the decision to admit 200,000 DPR1 bonds, issued by Delo Prodaja, d. d., Dunajska cesta 5, Ljubljana, in the total nominal value of EUR 2,000,000 to trading on the stock exchange market - Bond Market, as of 21 August 2008.

First day of trading with DPR1 bonds will be on Thursday, 21 August 2008.

Some basic data on the issue of bonds:

  • Ordinary registered DPR1 bonds;
  • The bonds were issued as book-entry securities, by entry into the KDD central registry on 18 July 2008;
  • On 16 June 2008, the issuer acquired the decision of Securities Market Agency's (ATVP) authorisation on the Regulated Trading Prospectus;
  • The interest rate is variable and amounts to six months EURIBOR + 0.6 % anually;
  • The interest rate payments will be made semi-annually for past periods, on 23 June and 23 December. The bonds nominal value will fall due for payment upon the maturity of the bonds, namely on 23 June 2018;
  • The maturity date of DRP1 bonds is 23 June 2018;
  • The bonds have no special cover, the issuer guarantees the settlement of all liabilities related to the bonds to the full extent, with all their own property;
  • The bonds include stipulations on the claims of early payment and early redemption (prior to maturity date), but not the right of the buyer to prematurely collect his claims in accordance with the amortization schedule;
  • One lot (trading unit) stands for EUR 10; the minimum volume for trading in the BTS system is one lot;
  • The bond issue contains 200,000 trading units per EUR 10;
  • Ticker symbol: DPR1 bonds, ISIN code: SI 0032102863.

All other information on the bonds is available in the Regulated Trading Prospectus for DPR1 bonds published on the SEOnet on 20 June 2008.


Ljubljana Stock Exchange


Date: 18. 8. 2008