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Change in Luka Koper's Management Board

The Supervisory Board has on its continued 32nd session on 15th June 2009 relieved the president Mr. Robert Časar and vice-president Mr. Aldo Babič because of fault reasons. The resolution is valid since the the day of adoption.
The Supervisory Board has appointed Mr. Gregor Veselko as new president of the Management Board. Mr. Veselko was previously employed at company Intereuropa, d.d. as executive director for intercontinental services. His 5-year mandate shall begin on 16th June 2009.
The Supervisory Board has taken no decision regarding the vice-president, however, Mr. Marjan Babič and Mr. Boris Marzi remain in the Management Board.
The Supervisory Board has also confirmed the Annual report 2008 for Luka Koper, d.d. and Luka Koper Group, which was published on 29th April 2009. The Supervisory Board also confirmed the Management Board proposal for the use of distributable profit and proposed to the General Assembly that a portion of distributable profit in the amount of € 11,701,856.28 is allocated to other profit reserves, while the decision about the rest of the profit in the the amount of € 7,700,000.00 will be taken in the next business years.
Before ending its agenda of 32nd session, the Supervisory Board has also appointed a special commission which will monitor the course of the special audit.

This information shall be available on company's webiste from 16th June 2009 onwards.


The Management Board


Date: 16. 6. 2009