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LUKA KOPER, d.d., Koper

Session of the Supervisory Board

The newly formed Supervisory Board has been informed on its 1st regular session on Friday, 28th August 2009 about the special preliminary revision of company's five years operations, which was carried out by auditing company Pricewaterhouse Coopers by the decision, taken on Supervisory Board meeting in March 2009. The preliminary report pointed out those issues, which demand further analysis, which will be carried out by PWC in the next weeks.

In addition, the Supervisory Board discussed the January - June business report of the Luka Koper Group, which in the field of throughput and business in general reflects the influence of the economic crisis. Throughput, compared to last year's outstanding results for the same period, dropped for 21%, operating revenues dropped for 14%.
The full January - June '09 Business Report will be published on SEOnet website from 31st August 2009 onwards.

Supervisory Board discussed the measures already taken by the management board or planned for the near future in order to achieve goals, set in the business report for year 2009. These are focused on costs downsizing, internal reorganization and more intensive sales activities.
However, the throughput forecast for the rest of this year is encouraging; all cargo segments are expected to recover, including cars, which experienced the deepest fall during the recession.
The president of the Management Board Gregor Veselko presented the plan for further business operation and development of the company.

Finally, members of the Supervisory Board discussed resignation statements of two Management Board members, Mr. Marjan Babič and Mr. Boris Marzi and agreed to accept both. No new members were appointed to their places and the session ended.
Next session will be held on 11th September 2009.

This information will be available on company's website www.luka-kp.si from 31st August 2009 onwards.


The Management Board


Date: 31. 8. 2009