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SAVA RE, d. d., Ljubljana

Supervisory board reappoints Polona Pirš Zupančič as management board member

In accordance with the rules of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange d.d., Ljubljana, and applicable legislation, Sava Re d.d., Ljubljana, makes the following announcement:

At yesterday’s session, the Sava Re supervisory board reappointed Polona Pirš Zupančič, whose five-year term of office expires on 14 January 2023, as a member of the management board for a further term. Her new five-year term starts on 15 January 2023.

This announcement will also be available on the Company’s website, at www.sava-re.si, at least five years from the date of this announcement.

Supervisory Board of Sava Re d.d.
Date: 26.04.2022