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GORENJE, d.d., Velenje

Organised Collection of Proxies for Shareholders to Exercise Their Voting Rights

Based on the regulations of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange and the legislation in force, the company Gorenje, d.d., is publishing the following announcement:

Throughout the years, Gorenje, d.d., has been encouraging all shareholders to actively exercise their rights by organised collection of proxies and in accordance with the Slovenian Corporate Governance Code recommendation is announcing that as of today, the company officers authorised to collect proxies i.e.

  1. Mr. Franc Bobinac, President of the Management Board,
  2. Mrs. Mirjana Dimc Perko,
  3. Mr. Drago Bahun,
  4. Mr. Franc Košec,
  5. Mr Uroš Marolt and
  6. Mr. Branko Apat, all members of the Management Board,
  7. Mr. Ivan Atelšek, Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board,
  8. Mr. Peter Kobal, Chairman of the Gorenje, d.d., Employee Council and Employee Representative of the Gorenje, d.d., Supervisory Board,
  9. Mr. Ivan Vidakovič, President of the SKEI Gorenje GA Union,
  10. Rajko Stanković, president of the MDS - Društvo – Mali delničarji – Skupaj smo močnejši (Minor Shareholder Society – Together We Are Stronger)
  11. Mr. Kristjan Verbič, President of the VZMD - Vseslovenskega združenja malih delničarjev (Pan-Slovenian Shareholder Association),

have started collecting proxies for the shareholders to exercise their voting rights at the 14th General Meeting of Gorenje, d.d., scheduled for 28 May 2010.

By issuing this invitation for granting proxies the authorised company officers want to encourage the shareholders to exercise their decision-making rights at the General Meeting as well as notify the shareholders of the proposed decisions of the General Meeting.

Disclaimer: All announcements in English language are only for information purposes!

The information of this announcement will be available on the official web site of the company Gorenje, d.d., Velenje, Slovenia, www.gorenje.com, at least 5 years from the date of the announcement.

Gorenje, d.d.,
The Management Board
Date: 13.05.2010