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GORENJE, d.d., Velenje

Marko Mrzel is new Gorenje Management Board Member

Based on the regulations of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange and the legislation in force, the company Gorenje, d.d., is publishing the following announcement:

Velenje, Slovenia, March 3rd 2011 – At today's meeting, Gorenje Supervisory Board appointed Mr. Marko Mrzel as the new Gorenje Management Board member in charge of finance and economics.

From 2003 and until his appointment to the Management Board, Mr. Marko Mrzel was the director of Gorenje's sales subsidiary in Belgrade. His duties at the company included that of the CFO. His career at the Gorenje Group started in 2001 when he was appointed head of complementary program. 

He graduated in 1995 at the Faculty of Engineering (Polytechnic) in Maribor. After completing the university studies, he went on to enrol in the post-graduate MBA program in Radovljica, run and managed by the Ljubljana Faculty of Economics, and earned in 1999 the title of Master of Science in Business Administration, majoring in finance.

Marko Mrzel was proposed as the candidate for the Management Board member by Gorenje President and CEO Mr. Franjo Bobinac, consistently with his duty and authority to propose such appointment. He assumed his term as a Management Board member today, March 3rd 2011. He shall perform such duties until the end of the current Management Board's term, i.e. until July 18th, 2013.

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The information of this announcement will be available on the official web site of the company Gorenje, d.d., Velenje, Slovenia, www.gorenje.com, at least 5 years from the date of the announcement.

Gorenje, d.d.,
The Management Board
Date: 04.03.2011