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Trading in 2019

The business year 2019 was very eventful for the Ljubljana Stock Exchange, even though the turnover remained at a comparable level to last year. The Ljubljana Stock Exchange, which celebrated its 30th anniversary on December 26th, was able to proudly look back at the achievements of 2019, such new market maker on the market after 10 years, the involvement of Slovenian listed companies in two new regional indices ADRIAprime and CEEplus, as well as positive results of listed companies that led to an increase in share prices, causing the SBI TOP index to grow as much as 15 %.

The SBITOP index ended the year at 926.1 points. It reached the highest value on 16 December 2019 at 926.3 points, and the lowest on 4 January 2019 when it was valued at 801.5 points. We also witnessed a positive trend in two new indices, the ADRIAprime and CEEplus index.

The turnover in 2019 was at the level of 2018. The total Ljubljana Stock Exchange turnover in 2019 was EUR 329,506,363  and the turnover without block trades was EUR 279,323,304. Most of the turnover was made with shares: EUR 304,372,015, followed by bonds with EUR 25,131,378 in turnover. In 2019 the Ljubljana Stock Exchange also gained a market maker, which provides market making services to four companies of the Prime Market. This has had a positive effect on their liquidity, as evidenced by EUR 23,521,928 of turnover from this service among all four companies.

This year, 29,208 trades were concluded, which is 23 % less than the previous year. The average daily number of trades was 119, and the average value of each trade was 9,563 EUR, which exceeded the average value of trades from 2018 by 2,025 or 27 percent.

In 2019, Krka (KRKG) shares have again seen the largest amount of turnover in the Prime Market, which generated EUR 91.9 million of turnover without block trades or 33 % of the total turnover without block trades realized on the stock market. Second place went to NLB (NLBR ). The latter generated EUR 35,2 million of turnover without block trades, representing 13 % of the total turnover without block trades generated on the stock market, followed by Zavarovalnica Triglav shares with 32 million or 11 % of the total Ljubljana Stock Exchange turnover without block trades.

The positive trend in share prices also led to an increase in the overall market capitalization of the stock market, which stood at EUR 34.9 billion at the end of the year, which is 3 % more than at the end of 2018. The overall share market capitalization was EUR 7.1 billion. At the end of the year, 72 securities were included in trading on the regulated market.

This year 2 new bonds were listed on the stock exchange market with the total issue value of EUR 1.5 billion and 2 new commercial papers with a total issue value of EUR 53.1 million.

On the MTF market SI ENTER one commercial paper was listed with the total issue value of EUR 6.8 million. The average daily number of trades was 1.6, and the average value of each trade was EUR 5,661.



Ljubljana Stock Exchange
Date: 30.12.2019