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The Door to the Financial World

Within the framework of the Global Money Week the Ljubljana Stock Exchange annually organises an event Open Days on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange in order to promote financial literacy of young people. This year, due to the covid-19 pandemic, the event was postponed and together with the Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Education, we were able to prepare an online event that took place through the Microsoft Teams platform. The event was extremely successful, as it was attended by over 300 students, teachers and professor, as well as other interested individuals and we have received very positive feedback from attendees.

The event began with an introductory speech by the representative of the National Institute of Education Slovenia, Irena Simčič, who emphasized the importance of various types of literacy and said that, financial literacy is extremely important in todays’ society. The event included lectures by experts from various fields, who presented the selected topic in an interesting and informative way:

  • Andraž Aš from the Ljubljana Stock Exchange presented the operation of the Stock Exchange and presented a board game: Borza Slovenije, that presents the operation of the Exchange to users in a fun and informative way. The game was created by the Ljubljana Stock Exchange together with sponsors.
  • Alina Meško from the Slovene Consumers Association spoke of saving and borrowing and presented the meaning of both terms and stressed the need to develop attitude towards money and finding a balance.
  • Miha Čeh from the Slovenian Investment Fund Association presented the opportunities and pitfalls of saving. He pointed out that by saving at the bank, we are actually losing the value of our assets and advises to protect our saving from inflation and low interest rates. He states that it is important to think broadly and consider different saving options.
  • Stanislava Zadravec Caprirolo from the The Bank Association of Slovenia presented the topic: Personal finance for young people and presented the history and development of banking in Slovenia. She also emphasized that in banking we need to consider what will make our business easier and that we need to be aware of security in conducting business.
  • Urška Drenovec from the Slovenian Insurance Association presented the topic related to insurance and explained what insurance is, presented the types of it and explained how it works. She also pointed out that the insurance world also often encounters a variety of attempted fraud.
  • Finally, there was a presentation of Sabina Pucelj from Nova Ljubljanska banka, who explained that children need to be introduced to the world of finance at early age, and that with pocket money the children learn to handle money responsibly.

At the end of the event, the participants were invited to solve a quiz, thus enabling themselves to acquire the board game: Borza Slovenije as a reward for participating in the event and solving the quiz. More information about the event and the programme can be found on the following link.

Ljubljana Stock Exchange
Date: 26.11.2020