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GORENJE, d.d., Velenje

Gorenje, d.d., will integrate the industrial equipment activity

29th Supervisory Board Meeting of Gorenje, d.d.

The Supervisory Board of the Company discussed on its 29th Supervisory Board Meeting, held on May 12, 2006, about the business performance for the period January - March 2006 of the Gorenje, d.d., and of the Gorenje Group and also discussed about the merger contract of the company Gorenje Indop projektiranje, proizvodnja in trženje industrijske opreme, d.o.o., which is 100% owned by Gorenje, d.d.

The industrial equipment activity, performing by the company Gorenje Indop d.o.o., is important business area of Gorenje Group. Due to the connectedness with the production of household appliances and due to the organisational structure optimisation, rationalisation of business processes / costs, integration of key processes on the group level and due to the better utilization of the capacity, knowledge and experience, the Company Management Board proposed the merger of the company Gorenje Indop, d.o.o. The Supervisory Board gave the positive opinion on the Gorenje Indop, d.o.o., merger to the Gorenje, d.d. The contract will be submitted to the country court register in Celje on 15 May 2006 and also published in the Official gazette RS, probably on 19 May 2006.

This announcement will be also available on the www.gorenje.com web-site.


Gorenje, d.d.,
The Management Board


Date: 12. 5. 2006