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GORENJE, d.d., Velenje

The 9th Shareholder's Assembly Meeting of Gorenje, d.d.

The Management Board and the Supervisory Board of Gorenje, d.d., hereby convene the 9th Shareholder's Assembly Meeting of Gorenje, d.d., to be held on Thursday 29 June 2006 at 11.00 hours in Hotel Paka Conference Hall in Velenje, Rudarska ul. 3, Slovenia,

with the following agenda:

1. Opening, verifying quorum and appointing working panel of the Assembly
2. Presentation of the Annual Report and of the report of the Management Board on the purchases of own shares as well as of the report of the Supervisory Board on the outcome of the 2005 Annual Report review process
3. Deliberation upon the allocation of balance sheet profit for the year 2004 and acquiescence of the Management and the Supervisory Board
4. Supervisory Board Compensation
5. Preparation of the Annual Report in accordance with IFRS provisions
6. Election of Supervisory Board members
7. Appointment of auditor


Supervisory Board Report to the Shareholder's Assembly, Audited Annual Report of the company Gorenje, d.d., and Gorenje Group for the year 2005, Proposed Assembly Resolutions and other documentation related to the Assembly Meeting are available for inspection at the head office of the Company each working day from 9.00 - 12.00 hours. The documents are also published on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange SEOnet electronic information system, and on web pages www.gorenje.com.

Attendance and voting right on the Assembly Meeting shall be granted to shareholders registered at the Share Register with the Central Securities Clearing Agency (KDD) in Ljubljana on 26 June 2006, or their legal proxies or representatives who are required to produce relevant written authorization thereto. Intended attendance on the Meeting shall be reported to the management of the Company by written notice which shall arrive at the Company head office not later than inclusive 26 June 2006 till 13.00 hours.

Time of Meeting
Shareholders are requested to be present at the venue at least one hour prior the commencement, and report their presence with the Verification Committee and collect their voting cards not later than 15 minutes prior the official opening of the session at 11.00 hours. The Conference Hall will be opened at 10.00 hours.

Please, see the attached file, regarding the Agenda of the 9th Shareholder's Assembly Meeting with proposed resolutions!

The public announcement will be also available on the www.gorenje.com web-site.


Supervisory Board
Marko Voljč, M. Econ

Management Board
Franc Bobinac, MBA


Date: 24. 5. 2006

Attachments: 9th Shareholder's Assembly Meeting of Gorenje, d.d.