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GORENJE, d.d., Velenje

3rd Meeting of Supervisory Board, corporation Gorenje, d.d.

Supervisory Board on the Implementation of Strategic Plan

The Supervisory Board reviewed the implementation of the Gorenje Group Strategic Plan until 2010. The discussion centred on the proposed future manufacturing locations, program-development orientation and other activities in relation to internal and external growth. As to fostering conditions for further growth, the Supervisory Board endorsed the plans of the Management Board on providing relevant financing structure, including the possibility of additional capitalisation.

The Supervisory Board also discussed certain necessary amendments to the company's Articles of Incorporation prompted by the amended Corporations Act.

As from the date of this release, this notice will also be published on the company's www.gorenje.com website.


Supervisory Board of Gorenje d.d. and
Management Board of Gorenje, d.d.


Date: 12. 9. 2006