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GORENJE, d.d., Velenje

The 10th Supervisory Board Meeting of Gorenje, d.d.

The Supervisory Board of the Company discussed on its today's Supervisory Board Meeting, about the business performance for the period January - March 2007 of the Gorenje, d.d., and of the Gorenje Group and was also informed about the business activities of the Home interior division and also of the Gorenje sales - network (Gorenje subsidiaries) abroad.

Further on, the Supervisory Board also discussed the enlargement of the Gorenje, d.d., Management Board, and due to the considerable increase of the business activities and very important managing of the Gorenje Group also supported. This topic was discussed together with the appointment of the coming Management Board term of office, as the current Management Board shall serve until the expiry of the Management Board's term, i.e. 18 July 2008. The Supervisory Board decided, consistent with law to appoint the Management Board prior to one year of term, to appoint Mr. Franjo Bobinac, President of the Management Board, the mandatory for the enlarged Management Board within this term, in the period of next three months and also for constituting the next Management Board for the next term.

This public announcement will be also available on the www.gorenje.com web site.


Gorenje, d.d.
The Management Board


Date: 24. 5. 2007