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Press Release

Krka winner of the 2007 Portal prize - Ljubljana Stock Exchange award for best investor relations

Ljubljana, 12 December 2007 - Level two assessment process for the Portal prize has drawn to an end, revealing the winner of the 2007 award. Considering all the assessment criteria, it was the Novo mesto-based pharmacist Krka d.d. that proved most convincing among all the shortlisted official market issuers. Mr. Jože Colarič, President of the Krka Management Board, accepted the award from Marko Simoneti, President of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange Management Board, at the New Year's gathering of the capital market participants' senior management.

In 2007, the Portal prize, which has been awarded by the Ljubljana Stock Exchange (LJSE) since 1996, has witnessed a modification of its assessment concept. Now the award aims to stress the openness of listed companies toward all interest groups, thus recognizing more than just the quality of the issuers' disclosure, which was looked at exclusively in the past. Through a 12-member Assessment Board representing investors, analysts, the press and the LJSE, which applied a two-level assessment method comprising 10 criteria and issuers' questionnaires, the LJSE's aim was to identify the issuer who has, in the period from October 2006 to September 2007, demonstrated rolemodel corporate communication methods and has thus set a guideline for other issuers to follow.

The official market issuers contesting for the Portal prize were shortlisted on the basis of complying, in the relevant assessment period, with the requisite disclosure standards to the best possible extent. They were (given in alphabetic order): Gorenje, Intereuropa, Istrabenz, Krka, Luka Koper, Mercator, Petrol and Telekom Slovenije.

Taking account of all the assessment criteria, it was the Novo mesto-based pharmacist Krka d.d. that proved most convincing.

The LJSE substantiated its decision thus: "During the assessment period, the winning company disclosed information on its operations, current situation and plans in a prompt, fair and expedient manner. It is especially commendable the way it handled all the disclosure activities on its significant corporate action - share split.

It set the time frames of periodic disclosure well in advance by publishing its financial calendar, while also disclosing the first estimates of its operations for a particular accounting period even before the official results.

The issuer's websites fully comply with the criteria on the scope of information available to investors and their transparency of presentation. The issuer's 2006 Annual Report stood out in particular on account of the depth of disclosure and transparent structure.

The awarded company is particularly exceptional also in its manner of communication and relationships it maintains with analysts and international investors. Timely English publications (simultaneous to Slovene ones), and websites and publications available in several foreign languages have enabled the company to ensure uniform informing of international investors, while it has also devoted special care to maintaining contacts with them through taking part at investor conferences. The company went on week-long visits to its shareholders and other investors abroad, and is also the only Portal contestant that has agreements entered into with numerous investment banks, which monitor the performance of the pharmacist. Krka, d. d, Novo mesto should be a rolemodel to all companies wishing to enter into a solid relationship with local and international investors and aiming to enhance their visibility."

Said President of the Krka Management Board, Mr. Jože Colarič, upon receiving the award: »We realize that for Krka to achieve its strategic objectives, quality and uniform informing of the public is crucial. We have therefore strived to properly inform the shareholders and other stakeholders of our business results and development potential. Our active relationship with investors - financial analysts, fund managers and other capital market players - builds trust, and this will provide us with a simple and cost-efficient access to new sources of financing in the future.

The award for best investor relations that we've received today is recognition of our year-long IR activities to which we have devoted much attention and considerable efforts. In the future, we intend to work even harder - in line with Slovene and international best practices in the field«.


Ljubljana Stock Exchange


Date: 12. 12. 2007