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Ljubljanska borza, d. d., Ljubljana

KRKA wins Portal Prize for exemplary IR and CG practices in 2012

This year's winner of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange Portal Prize for exemplary IR and CG practices is Krka, d. d., from Novo Mesto. For many years Krka has been breaking new ground in the areas of corporate disclosure, governance and investor relations in Slovenia. Introducing European standards of corporate disclosure and governance practices as well as maintaining them at high quality level are the merits which set the company as a shining example for all other companies to follow.

Portal assessment board also recognized efforts in improving IR in 2012 and thus awarded two special prizes. A special prize for making significant headway in its IR strategy in 2012 received Pozavarovalnica Sava, d. d., Ljubljana and Zavarovalnica Triglav, d. d., Ljubljana.

Pozavarovalnica Sava, d. d. has demonstrated a commendable improvement in corporate governance and achieved considerable progress in the organization of relations with analysts, market operators and investors. The company has invested great effort in this area and a systematic implementation of all necessary activities can be observed.

Zavarovalnica Triglav, d. d. made significant headway in investor relations and corporate communication. This can be seen in quick responses, quality and effectiveness of the IR team within the company as well as in the open communication with domestic and international analysts and investors.

Congratulations to all winners.


Ljubljana Stock Exchange
Date: 19.12.2012