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GORENJE, d.d., Velenje

Production in Gorenje will start the 40 weekly working hours by October

Yesterday morning has some of the employees in the production programs of Gorenje started with the temporally cessation of work and they demanded the explanations from the Management, regards to the calculation of the wages and the working hours.

The employees received the explanation regarding to the number of working hours, which has increased in September, and interruption of the subsidization payments for the 36 weekly working hours by the employees, which interrupted the temporary unemployment, due to the incompatible state measures.

Due to the fact, that in the first months in the autumn the orders have shown a sign of increase, Gorenje is staring to increase also the production. After the discussion among the employees, union and the Management Board, the president of the Management Board, Mr. Franjo Bobinac has yesterdays evening informed the employees, that the production in will start the 40 weekly working hours by October the 1st. That means also the for them the full wages for the 40 hours per week. Gorenje will still performing the measure of the temporary unemployment.

The failure to appears in the production will be compensated, the president of the Management Board said, but for each lost hour the great business loss is being done to Gorenje.

Today, some of the workers didn't start with the work, the talk with the social partners is going on from this morning. We will inform the public about the changes as soon as possible.

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Gorenje, d.d.,
The Management Board


Date: 16. 9. 2009