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Periodic review and new indices compositions of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange

On 22 March 2010 the Ljubljana Stock Exchange will start computing its indices according to the new methodology adopted at the end of 2009.

The first genuine Slovene blue chip index SBI TOP is becoming the leading LJSE index and the Slovene market’s benchmark index. SBI TOP is a tradable index that tracks the performance of the top and most liquid equities of the Slovene regulated market and thus serves as underlying for advanced financial instruments.

SBI 20, on the other hand, is transforming into a true total market index and will track the performance of all Slovene equities. It has also been given a new name, LJSE Composite. By providing aggregate and concise information on the performance of all LJSE- listed equities, LJSE Composite will serve as a basis for any analysis of the Slovene capital market as a whole.

Pursuant to the Instructions for Indices, Liquidity Criteria, Price List and other Statistics, the periodic review of the SBI TOP index was carried out. On the basis of the criteria the shares of Sava (short code: SAVA) will be excluded from SBI TOP index as of 22 March 2010.

Ljubljana Stock Exchange
Date: 08.03.2010
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