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LUKA KOPER, d.d., Koper

Nine Successful Months for Luka Koper

On 6th November 2007, Luka Koper's Supervisory Board held a session at which the Management Board presented the company's successful performance over the first nine months of this year.
Between January and September Luka Koper d.d. recorded 11.2 million tonnes of cargo throughput, which is eight percent ahead of the same period last year, and generated € 82 million in operating revenues, a year-on increase of 13 percent. The most auspicious results were achieved as regards container freight and vehicles, which respectively recorded 44 and 28 percent increases over last year. Operating profits amounting to € 16.7 million were 19 percent ahead, whereas net profit stood at € 19.3 million, thus exceeding January to September 2006 results by 41 percent.

Further to this, the Supervisory Board was briefed on the development of the logistics terminal network taking shape in Koper's hinterland. In addition to the development of the inland terminal at Sežana, which is well underway, Luka Koper is actively engaged in the preparation of the Divača terminal, of which the public has been informed over the recent weeks. The Supervisory Board has now endorsed the accomplishment of set objectives, as well as plans for the further expansion of the logistics-centre network.

Congruent with Luka Koper's long-term strategy of becoming a so-called green port, the Supervisory Board gave its consent to the co-establishment of a company for the generation of energy from renewable sources. The project anticipates installation of a photovoltaic array, and solar collectors at individual premises within the port. This new enterprise will also be charged with the treatment of oily bilge water from vessels as well as reprocessing spent machine oils into diesel fuel. These projects are part of a larger initiative for the establishment of an eco-energy park within the Port.

The information shall be available from 7th November 2007 on company's website www.luka-kp.si.


The Management Board


Date: 7. 11. 2007