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LUKA KOPER, d.d., Koper

Partners from Slovakia are interested in a tighter cooperation

Following last week's visit by Slovakia's Minister of Transport, Mr Lubomir Važny, Luka Koper yesterday welcomed the arrival of representatives of the Slovak Logistics Companies Association, which is yet further vindication of Slovakia's growing interest in the Port of Koper. The Association's President, Mr Frantisek Komora, reiterated the Minister's wish that Koper should become Slovakia's principal maritime gateway. Over 700,000 tonnes of Slovak goods - in particular container freight, passenger vehicles, bulk and general cargoes - passed through Luka Koper during 2007. A cycle of intensive foreign investment within the Slovak Republic by Asian companies in particular, is anticipated to further enhance co-operation with Koper.

Slovakia's logistics enterprises currently conduct most of their transcontinental business through overcrowded Northern European ports. Being some 2000 nautical miles shorter, the Koper route provides a commensurate reduction in sailing and turnaround times, and consequently this southern gateway into Europe also represents a massive saving in bunkering costs, a critically important advantage during this new era of rocketing fuel prices. Thus Slovakia is now making great efforts to redirect cargoes through Koper. In this respect, the Slovak guests were introduced to Luka Koper 's investment plans, and especially to the extension of the first and the construction of the third piers, projects that will greatly facilitate further growth in cargo throughput. Attention was, however, drawn to the problems of transport infrastructure, in particular the rail link. The Slovak guests would like Slovenia to utilise its EU Presidency to focus on the issue of transport infrastructure throughout Europe. Further to this, the Slovak guests also expressed interest in investing in Luka Koper, pointing out that the state should nevertheless hold on to its majority stake in the port, which is the only certain way to ensure that healthy competition continues to prevail.


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Date: 6. 2. 2008