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New ecological projects in Luka Koper

The Supervisory Board of Luka Koper has on it's 24th regular session on 22nd April 2008 appointed Mr. Boris Marzi, M.Sc. as a new member of the Management Board. Mr. Boris Marzi, who previously managed the environmental and helath safety department, has been working in Luka Koper for more than 10 years. Marzi graduated at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and lately achieved Master's degree at The Faculty of Maritime Studies and Transport in Portorož.
The supervisory board has on its session also approved two ecological projects. The first project encompass establishment of a company for sludge water treatment and production of fuel oil. At present Luka Koper takes care of these wastes through an authorized company which provides removal and disposal.
The new company will operate with the aid of an innovative technology (separation of water and oil) with no emissions. The value of the project amounts to 5.5 million EUR with the possibility of financing with European funds. The stake of Luka Koper will be 1,370,000 € which correspond 24.9% in the new company Ecoporto Koper d.o.o.. The company shall start the production at the beginning of 2009 and will assure its revenues by the sludge water removal and fuel oil sale. The company shall reach a high level of profitability and a return on invested assets in four years.

The second project foresees a photovoltaic power plant with a designated power of 2MW. The solar collector will be placed on rooftops of warehouses. For the realization of such project a surface of 14,000 m2 is needed. In the port area more than 200,000 m2 of proper surfaces are available. The value of the project is estimated to 11 million EUR. The stake of Luka Koper in the newly established Adria Sole d.o.o. company will be 2,739,000 EUR which represents a 24.9% share. The project will tender for European funds as well. Considering state incentives for electricity production of alternative sources, the invested assets shall repay in six years.

Both projects are a part of the strategy of Luka Koper to become a »green port«. On the other hand these projects are important from a merely economic point of view when taking into consideration the growing prices of energy.


The Management Board


Date: 23. 4. 2008