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LUKA KOPER, d.d., Koper

Long-term loan agreement signed

Luka Koper, d.d. has recently signed an agreement with Banka Koper, d.d. for a long-term, 10-years loan for 28 million euros, with a one year moratorium period. The loan is, as in accordance with company's strategy, dedicated for the completion of the investments, including the construction of fuel tanks for the liquid bulk terminal and acquirement of new handling equipment for the container terminal. The loan was approved on an unsecured basis and the agreement contains financial commitments, which are not significantly different from other financial commitments undertaken with previous loans. 

A part of the loan is mentioned for the completion of three fuel tanks on Pier II, each with capacity of 20.000 m3. All the capacities of the tanks were already sold in advance. 

As regards the container segment, which is defined as a strategic cargo, a portion of the loan will be dedicated for new handling equipment. Last week two RMG cranes, which will be used for wagons operations, were delivered to Koper and a third is expected next year. The new cranes are electrically powered, faster and more capable and will allow better productivity and increase of capacity of the whole container terminal. An order for two super-post-panamax shore cranes has also been placed and will allow operations on largest container vessels. After the extension of the quayside for 100 meters, additional two cranes shall be ordered. The investment includes also seven RTG cranes for yard operations which also have electric drive. 

Luka Koper plans to invest in the next four years more than 230 million euros in the container segment, this includes mentioned handling equipment and additional storing areas. This will increase the annual capacity from 950.000 TEUs to 1,3 million TEUs.

The Management Board
Date: 18.08.2016