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Bond coupon due for payment: RS78, RS85, SIJ7 and OZ16

Ljubljana Stock Exchange hereby defines the first trading day of the below bonds, with no rights to the next bond issues' coupons, on the basis of the amortisation schedules of the issuers, and following the harmonization of data with the Central Securities Clearing Corporation (KDD), as well as in accordance with the Rules of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange:


Republika Slovenija 78th issue (RS78)

Maturity date: 3rd November 2023
First trading day ex coupon*:  26th October 2023


Republika Slovenija 85th issue (RS85)

Maturity date: 20th October 2023
First trading day ex coupon*:  18th October 2023


SIJ 7th issue (SIJ7)

Maturity date: 2nd November 2023 (delisting 27th October 2023)
First trading day ex coupon*:  27th October 2023


18-months T-bills 16th issue (OZ16)

Maturity date: 12th October 2023 (delisting 10th October 2023)
First trading day ex coupon*:  10th October 2023


*The first trading day ex coupon is at the same time also the first day of interest bearing of the next coupon (in certain cases also Saturdays).

Ljubljana Stock Exchange
Date: 02.10.2023