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FACTOR BANKA d. d., Ljubljana

Signing of Merger Agreement

On the basis of the provisions of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange Rules and the valid legislation, the Factor banka, d.d. Ljubljana is issuing the following notification:

The Management Board of Factor banka d.d. notifies the public that on 14 August 2012, the Factor banka d.d. and KD Banka d.d, Neubergerjeva 30, 1000 Ljubljana entered into the Merger Agreement whereunder KD Banka d.d. shall merge with the Factor banka d.d. The bank will have to acquire appropriate licence of the Bank of Slovenia for the above merger.

The Management Board of the Company envisages that the merger will be completed in the last quarter of this year. 

The Management Board of Factor banka d.d. hereby informs the customers of KD banka d.d. that after the merger they will be secured undisturbed operation and application of all banking services provided by KD banka d.d.

Further details about merger activities are also published on the website of AJPES (Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Public Legal Records and Related Services).

This notification will be available on the Bank’s website at www.factorb.si from 14 August 2012 onwards.

The announcement in the English language is for information purposes only.



Management Board of Factor bank d.d.
Date: 14.08.2012
Attachments:  AJPES notification