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The special review of parameters of SBITOP and SBITOP TR index

Pursuant to the Instructions for Index, Liquidity Criteria, Price List and other Statistics a special review of index parameters of the SBITOP and SBITOP TR was carried out due to a split of shares and the increase in the number of shares of the company Cinkarna Celje, d.d., with the trading symbol CICG.

The new index parameters of the CICG share were adjusted for SBITOP and SBITOP TR indices in accordance with the split ratio (1:10), in a way that the number of shares is increased by 10 times to a total number of 8,079,770 shares, whereby all other calculation parameters of the CICG share remain unchanged.

The calculation parameters of the remaining shares in the composition of the SBITOP and SBITOP TR indices do not change.

The adjustment of the number of CICG shares will come into force and use on 16 August 2022.

Ljubljana Stock Exchange
Date: 10.08.2022