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LUKA KOPER, d.d., Koper

Luka Koper regained 100% stake of the company Adria Terminali d.o.o.

We inform the interested publics that Luka Koper became a 100% owner of the company Adria Terminali d.o.o., which manages the logistic centre in Sežana.

Luka Koper gained the 100% stake in Adria Terminali by purchasing the 49% stake from the slovak company Spedition Trade Trans Holding a.s. With this acqusition Luka Koper set the guidelines for an independent control and development of the Sežana logistic centre, which has a main role in the hinterland terminals strategy. At the same time Luka Koper sold its 17% stake in the company Trade Trans Terminal s.r.l. from Arad to the company Trade Trans Log, a subsidiary of the slovak Trade Trans Invest.

This information will be available on company’s website www.luka-kp.si from 3rd March 2010 onwards.
The Management Board
Date: 03.03.2010