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LUKA KOPER, d.d., Koper

Standpoint of the Luka Koper management and supervisory boards as to the creation of a Slovenian logistics holding

At its session held on 27th August 2010, the Supervisory and Management Boards of Luka Koper d.d. were acquainted with the findings of the steering committee for the establishment of a Slovenian Logistics Holding, and, on the basis of discussion, adopted the following position:

Based on the facts, materials, presentations, discussions and perspectives presented thus far in relation to the Slovenian Logistics Holding project, the company's Supervisory and Management Boards cannot take a positive stand re the proposed project.

In addition to the antitrust issues, those proposals expounded by external advisers fail to provide answers to such questions as the port's neutrality and the concession relationship with the state, which are of vital significance to Luka Koper. The proposals do not provide concrete answers, not even with regard to anticipated synergies based solely on potential business deals, whilst financial synergies are not to be expected at all.

Luka Koper is a successful company, which is vindicated by the physical as well as the financial indicators of its performance. Its objective is to be internationally competitive which can only be achieved through neutrality in its relations with all links in the logistics chain. Any amalgamation of capital at this moment in time and the creation of a holding company is highly contentious. Further to this Luka Koper’s business partners are not in favour of the idea, and thus it is to be expected that in the event such a holding is founded they would move their business to other ports in the region.

As of now, Luka Koper enjoys good business relationships with both this country's railway operator Slovenske Železnice as well as the logistics services provider Intereuropa. There are plenty opportunities still to be exploited in the field of joint marketing and sales activities which do not require any merger.

The company's Supervisory and Management Boards shall adopt their final standpoint on the basis of the actual proposal on the foundation of a Slovenian Logistics Holding; this said, however, they are willing to further actively participate in the elaboration of expert analyses.
Supervisory Board
Management Board
Date: 30.08.2010