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MERCATOR, d.d., Ljubljana

Strategic alliance with the company Drvopromet strengthens Mercator's position in the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Pursuant to the Rules and Regulations of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange, d.d, and the relevant legislation, the company Poslovni sistem Mercator, d.d., hereby informs the shareholders and the public of the following:

On October 20th 2011, the company Drvopromet, d.o.o., Sarajevo, and company Mercator - BH, d.o.o., Sarajevo, signed strategic alliance agreements. Based on these agreements, the company Mercator - BH, d.o.o., will take over trade operations of the company Drvopromet, d.o.o. The agreements will enter into force, when the terms and conditions in the agreements are met.

Based on these agreements, company Mercator - BH, d.o.o., will obtain on long-term operating lease 63 trade facilities “DP Marketi” of the company Drvopromet, d.o.o., in Sarajevo and in other cities across Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a total sales area of over 24 thousand square meters. Furthermore, the strategic alliance includes purchase of inventories, equipment and employment of the part of employees of the company Drvopromet, d.o.o., as well as cooperation in retail and wholesale purchasing.

This strategic alliance will enable Mercator to consolidate its position in the FMCG market of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The strategic alliance is consistent with Mercator's strategy of growth and the vision of being the largest FMCG retailer in the entire region of SE Europe.

The agreements will become effective as soon as all approvals are obtained from the Commission for Protection of Competition of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Also attached to this public announcement is the opinion by the independent financial advisor on the justification of the transaction from the aspect of the shareholders and the company Mercator, d.d.

This announcement will be published on the company’s website at www.mercator.si as of October 20th 2011, and will remain posted for a period of at least five years.
Poslovni sistem Mercator, d.d.,
Management Board
Date: 20.10.2011