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KRKA, d. d., Novo mesto

Decision by the European Commission regarding perindopril

Krka, d. d., Novo mesto hereby informs the interested public that today it has received from the EU Commission preliminary information about the fine the Commission has set in the perindopril case.

The European Commission imposed a fine of EUR 10,000,000 on Krka because Krka had allegedly breached Article 101 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union and caused distortion on the perindopril market in the EU.

Krka believes that its actions did not cause a distortion or delay in launching of perindopril on the EU markets and did not breach competition rules.

Krka shall file an appeal/suit against the EU Commission decision to the Court of Justice of the EU. Nevertheless, Krka shall pay the imposed fine within the deadline set by the Commission, i.e. in 3 months after the notification of the decision.

A decision to reverse the provision in the amount of EUR 37,500,000, this is the amount of the provision after payment of the fine, will be adopted at the end of the business year when more circumstances will be known.

Krka published the announcements considering the investigation on 26 November 2008, 6 January 2009, 8 July 2009 and 3 July 2014.

Krka, d. d., Novo mesto
Date: 09.07.2014