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MERCATOR, d.d., Ljubljana

Press release

Pursuant to the Rules and Regulations of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange, d.d, and the relevant legislation, the company Poslovni sistem Mercator, d.d., hereby announces the following:


After yesterday's devastating fire in Mercator's warehouse in Zalog, near Ljubljana, Mercator will rearrange its logistics routes based on its other two warehouses located in Maribor and Ptuj, and by leasing third-party logistics facilities, in order to minimize the effect on the supply to its stores and curb the impact on the company's current operations.

This extraordinary event has highlighted the importance and the need for the planned construction of a new logistics center. As a result, Mercator will step up its activities regarding this project.



As of May 13, 2015, this announcement will also be posted on the company website at www.mercatorgroup.si where it shall remain available for a period of no less than 5 years.

Poslovni sistem Mercator, d.d.
Management Board
Date: 13.05.2015