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Notice on first listing of GDRs on the SI ENTER market

Ljubljana Stock Exchange is pleased that we will be able to offer a new product as of tomorrow, as we will enable trading of global depositary receipts (GDRs). This new product opens up many new opportunities to bring more investment options and enrich trading on our exchange, with GDRs enabling us to indirectly list securities from foreign countries on our exchange. The new addition is a result of cooperation of many participants of the Slovenian capital market and shows our commitment to further develop our home market.

At this opportunity we would like to invite the investors to inform themselves about GDRs properties, with our exchange members also being able to advise them about involved risks and the suitability of such products. At the same time, Ljubljana Stock Exchange understands that GDRs involve investing in companies outside of Slovenia, which may sometimes be relatively unknown to investors and it might also be difficult for them to gather additional information. Therefore, we will endeavour for availability of as much information as possible and will diligently remind the issuers about their obligations regarding public disclosure of information. It however remains the responsibility of investors themselves to decide whether they have enough reliable information for their investment decision.

Ljubljana Stock Exchange
Date: 24.03.2020