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TELEKOM SLOVENIJE, d.d., Ljubljana

Changes to the 2021 Financial Calendar

Pursuant to the provisions of the Rules of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange and the valid legislation, Telekom Slovenije, d.d., Cigaletova ulica 15, Ljubljana, hereby publishes the following notification:

Telekom Slovenije, d.d., is informing the public of changes to its 2021 Financial Calendar.

Changes are the result of a delay in the procedures of auditing the results of Telekom Slovenije Group. In accordance with this, the Financial Calendar now has new dates for the publication of the 2020 Annual Report of Telekom Slovenije Group and Telekom Slovenije, d.d., the Governance Statement, the convocation of the 33rd General Meeting, the 33rd General Meeting, the decisions of the 33rd General Meeting and the payment of dividends.

The new 2021 Financial Calendar is in the attached document.

This announcement will also be available on the company’s website (www.telekom.si) for a period of at least 5 years.


Management Board of Telekom Slovenije, d.d.
Date: 31.03.2021