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INTEREUROPA, d.d., Koper

Intereuropa Group exceeds planned and comparable performance indicators in 2021, and ends the financial year with a profit

Pursuant to the provisions of the Rules of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange and valid legislation, Intereuropa, d. d. hereby publishes the following announcement:

Koper, 9 March 2022 At today’s session, the Supervisory Board was briefed on unaudited information regarding the business results of the Intereuropa Group in 2021. The Intereuropa Group exceeded both planned and comparable performance indicators in 2021. The Group ended the financial year with a profit of EUR 6.7 million.

Based on unaudited figures, the Intereuropa Group generated EUR 176.7 million in sales revenue, an increase of 17% relative to 2020 and 11% above planned sales revenue. EBITDA amounted to EUR 13.8 million, and was up 12% relative to the comparable period in 2020 and 6% higher than planned. Operating profit (EBIT) amounted to EUR 7.1 million in 2021, an increase of 23% relative to 2020 and 40% higher than planned.

The Intereuropa Group generated a net profit of EUR 6.7 million in 2021, an increase of EUR 3.1 million relative to the previous financial year and EUR 3.0 million higher than planned. 

Net debt amounted to EUR 35.8 million at the end of 2021, a decrease of EUR 8.6 million relative to the end of 2020. This was seen in an improvement in the net debt/EBITDA ratio, which stood at 2.6 at the end of 2021.

The Supervisory Board was also informed that Intereuropa, d. d. published a mandatory takeover bid on 9 March 2022 for the purchase of all shares of the minority owners of the subsidiary Intereuropa RTC, d. d., Sarajevo.

The Intereuropa Group will continue to provide comprehensive logistics services to numerous customers from various economic and other sectors in 2022 through its network of twelve subsidiaries in nine countries, and thus facilitate the smooth functioning of supply chains. The Group will continue to achieve the objectives set out in the Strategic Development Programme of the Intereuropa Group until 2025.

This announcement will be published on SEOnet and on the website of Intereuropa at www.intereuropa.net for a minimum of 5 (five) years from the date of publication.

Management Board
Date: 10.03.2022