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SAVA RE, d. d., Ljubljana

AGM: Result of general meeting

Pursuant to the Rules of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange, Ljubljana, and applicable legislation, Sava Re d.d., Ljubljana, announces the resolutions passed by the 38th general meeting held on 23 June 2022, starting at 10am, at the Janus Hall of the Austria Trend Hotel, Dunajska 154, Ljubljana.

At today’s 38th general meeting, the shareholders adopted the proposal of the management and supervisory boards to use EUR 23,246,544.00 of the profits for dividends. The dividend is EUR 1.50 gross per share and will be paid out on 12 July 2022 to the shareholders entered in the shareholders’ register on 11 July 2022.

The shareholders took note of the 2021 annual report, and the Company’s supervisory and management boards were granted discharge for 2021.

The general meeting appointed the audit firm Deloitte Revizija d.o.o., Dunajska 165, 1000 Ljubljana, as auditor for the financial years 2022, 2023 and 2024.

The general meeting approved the Directors’ Remuneration Report of Sava Re d.d. for the Financial Year 2021 (Directors’ Remuneration Report), whereas the consultation vote on the resolution to approve the Remuneration Policy for Members of Management and Supervisory Bodies of Sava Re d.d. (Directors’ Remuneration Policy) was not carried. Although the Directors’ Remuneration Policy is valid and consistent with the law, it is not fully aligned with the recommendations of the shareholder Slovenian Sovereign Holding, which were published on 16 March 2022. The Company will examine the deviations from the recommendations of this shareholder and will remove them by the next Sava Re annual general meeting.

The Directors’ Remuneration Report and the Directors’ Remuneration Policy will be posted on the Company’s website, for at least ten years from the date of this announcement.

Actions to challenge resolutions

No legal actions to challenge any general meeting resolutions were announced in the general meeting.

Resolutions passed

Please see the attached document.


This announcement will also be available on the Company’s website, at www.sava-re.si, at least five years from the date of this announcement.

Sava Re d.d.
Date: 23.06.2022