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General conditions of access to SEOnet and its use

1. SEOnet functionality

SEOnet is a public electronic information dissemination system provided by the Stock Exchange which, with the necessary prerequisites for its regular functioning via users' standard software and via the Internet, at the following web address http://seonet.ljse.si caters for:

  • browsing through public announcements by issuers on SEOnet,
  • browsing through Stock Exchange announcements regarding public announcements in the daily newspapers, as notified by issuers according to regulations, and
  • browsing through other announcements by SEOnet subscribers and by the Exchange for the public.

2. SEOnet use authorisation

As a rule, SEOnet is available 24 hours/day and all year long to any legal entity or physical person. All the data collected and published on SEOnet, unless otherwise provided, is the property of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange (Ljubljanska borza, d. d., Ljubljana) which is a legal entity, and may not be used commercially or reproduced in any form whatsoever without an explicit written consent by the Ljubljana Stock Exchange (Ljubljanska borza, d. d., Ljubljana).

3. Legal nature of the contents of published announcements

All announcements published on SEOnet, unless otherwise explicitly stated, do not express any offer or invitation for offer for sale or purchase of securities. With investment decisions regarding securities, all possible related risks must be taken into account; the Stock Exchange therefore recommends its users not to make any investment decisions merely on the basis of the information published but ask for an advice of authorised experts.

4. Disclaimer

As stipulated by the Ljubljana Stock Exchange Inc. General Terms and Conditions of Providing Services of SEO and INFO STORAGE (Slo.: Splošni pogoji Ljubljanske borze, d. d., Ljubljana za opravljanje storitev SEO in INFO HRAMBA), the Stock Exchange is likewise not liable for reliability, accuracy and promptness of the announcements published on SEOnet. However, the Stock Exchange strives at all times to maintain the good business practice of publishing the announcements as they are delivered (by issuers, Security Market Agency, etc.), with regard to certain security mechanisms.

The Ljubljana Stock Exchange and/or its employees also do not review, authorise or advertise in any way the contents of web sites available on SEOnet via hyperlinks, and are not liable in any way regarding the access to web pages of third persons through SEOnet website, regarding unavailability of data or access to SEOnet web pages, unavailability of SEOnet services or regarding any subsequent alterations in the conditions of SEOnet use.

5. Duration of access of / to SEOnet

In case of any technical difficulties or unavailability of the SEOnet and its auxiliary SEOin services, the Ljubljana Stock Exchange strives to maintain a minimum level of the SEOnet functionality at a secondary location (at: http://www.ljse.net), to:

  • provide a list of public announcements and enable access to all public announcements published in daily newspapers (if notified accordingly) within the past seven days;
  • extend the afternoon deadline for public announcements if considered appropriate.

6. Publication of General conditions of access to SEOnet and its use

The General conditions of access to SEOnet and its use are available at the head office of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange, at Slovenska 56, Ljubljana, Slovenia, and are published at the LJSE web site.

7. Privacy policy statement

The LJSE has prepared this statement to demonstrate its commitment to the respect of user privacy.

LJSE collects certain information on the users of its website in its log, i.e. information about cookies, IP addresses and time and duration of the visit. On the basis of such information it is not possible to determine the individual user and thus these are not personal data as defined by the valid legislation.

LJSE uses the information solely for purposes of its own statistical monitoring of the website usage and does not disclose the information to third parties.

LJSE website uses only seed cookies and not cookies of advertising partners. Cookies are small files, which we download to your computer. We use seed cookies only for purposes of determining the number of website visitors and their interest in certain pages in order to improve our services further.

In the case of Subscription to announcements, LJSE also collects the Name, Surname and E-mail of the user. These are used only for purpose of performing the service and informing the users of potential maintenance of service failure. In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (Zakon o varstvu osebnih podatkov), LJSE provides the users the right to have insight into and the right to transcribe, copy, supplement, correct and erase the personal data, which apply to them. The data is stored until the user unsubscribes to the announcements.

Personal data and contact information are not used for any other means and are not disclosed to third parties.