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What is SEOnet?

SEOnet is an electronic dissemination information system of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange, available to the public providing business information on the companies whose securities are either listed on the Official Market or traded on the Free Market as well as public announcement of the Exchange and of other capital market institutions.

In accordance with valid regulations, public announcements of the issuers on SEOnet are equivalent to announcements in daily newspapers.

Why SEOnet?

The principle purpose of the SEOnet is better informed public. This new service provides fast and easy access to business information anytime, and available on one location.

Who is SEOnet designed for?

SEOnet is designed to cater for the needs of a large public, of institutional and other investors into securities, media, Stock Exchange members, or in general, for the needs of everybody who wish to view and monitor issuers' public announcements and announcements of other institutions of the capital market. Additionally, the SEOnet system represents to the issuers as an effective information dissemination mean for publication of their important announcements.

Which issuers' announcements are available on SEOnet?

  • announcements which the securities issuers are obliged to publish in accordance with legal regulation and Exchange Rules
  • summaries of annual and semi-annual reports and financial statements;
  • information on any business or other events regarding the business activities of an issuer that may considerably affect prices of securities (such as General Meetings of Shareholders, dividend payments, new issues of securities, material changes in the ownership structure, concluded contracts of significant importance, legal proceedings, mergers of companies, etc.);
  • announcements of the Stock Exchange and other institutions of the capital market;
  • short notifications regarding public announcements by issuers in other media.

What is a short notification on public announcement?

Issuers of securities are obliged by law to publish in public media, either on SEOnet or in newspapers, information on any business or other events related to their business activities that may considerably affect the prices of securities. In case an issuer publishes its public announcement in a daily newspaper and notifies the Stock Exchange accordingly, the latter will publish a short notification about the announcement on SEOnet and indicate only the name of the issuer, date, place and title of the public announcement. In the list of announcements, such short notifications do not feature the SEOnet logo, in contrast to other types of public announcements. Short notifications should contribute to more rounded information on SEOnet, and help the investors and other Users find announcements published elsewhere.

How to publish a public announcement on SEOnet?

Announcements are designed by issuers and then forwarded to the Exchange, using the Stock Exchange web application - SEOin. The Exchange verifies the identity of the author, checks all the texts and then publishes them on SEOnet, where they are available to the public free of charge via http://www.ljse.si or directly at http://seonet.ljse.si.

Where is the announcement published?

When published on SEOnet, every announcement is automatically forwarded to the list of latest announcements and is simultaneously archived in all announcements file. When clicking on its title, the contents of the announcement are displayed.

How often are new announcements published?

Announcements are published on SEOnet 24/7, SEO support in available on working days between 8:15 and 16:00.

How does the archive of public announcements work?

The archive holds all announcements published on SEOnet from the start of its operations. Browse tools help you search for data on the basis of various criteria; either by individual issuers, or by combining the criteria according to the type of announcement, date or period. Every announcement is available also in a TXT format.

How to subscribe to SEOnet messaging?

If you wish to keep up to date about new announcements, you can subscribe to short messaging service via e-mail free of charge. All you need to do is enter your e-mail address. At the end of every trading day also a daily summary will be delivered to your inbox, including data on daily Stock Exchange activities and the official price list of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange.

What are the advantages of SEOnet?

SEOnet helps improve the transparency of public announcements and helps better inform the investment public, while considering high security standards:

  • faster information for investors about price-sensitive data (lesser discrepancy between the time of an important business event and its publication);
  • public announcements and messages regarding public announcements available on one location;
  • access to archives of all announcements of an individual issuer/institution;
  • easy search for announcements according to various criteria;
  • easy and free-of-charge access to SEOnet;
  • SEOnet is available 24 hours/day.

Where to get additional information on SEOnet?

All additional information about SEOnet public announcements are available at seoin@ljse.si, or at (01) 471 03 17.