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MERCATOR, d.d., Ljubljana

Press release

Pursuant to the Rules and Regulations of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange, d.d, and the relevant legislation, the company Poslovni sistem Mercator, d.d., hereby informs the shareholders and the public of the following:


Mercator Group hereby announces that Mercator Group and the required majority of its creditors and lessors signed at the request of the company Agrokor, d.d., an agreement on the consent to amendments of the current finance documentation relating to the recently completed Mercator Group financial restructuring. The agreement specifies the commercial terms and conditions of financial restructuring of the Mercator Group in the case of a takeover by the company Agrokor, d.d. The agreement shall become effective subject to a number of conditions, including that Agrokor, d.d., approves and transfers to Poslovni sistem Mercator, d.d., a subordinated loan in the amount of EUR 200 million, which shall be used for early repayment of a part of Mercator Group loans to the creditor banks. Agrokor, d.d., shall transfer such subordinated loan before or no later than upon the acquisition of the majority block of shares of Poslovni sistem Mercator, d.d.; moreover, following the completion of the takeover proceedings, Agrokor, d.d., is obliged to vote in favour of the conversion of the said subordinated loan to equity (debt to equity conversion), which shall considerably reduce the overall debt of Poslovni sistem Mercator, d.d.



This announcement will be published on the company’s website at www.mercatorgroup.si as of June 26, 2014, and will remain posted for a period of at least five years.

Poslovni sistem Mercator, d.d.
Management Board
Date: 26.06.2014