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LUKA KOPER, d.d., Koper

New Milestone for Luka Koper

This year has been an extremely successful one for Luka Koper, and was marked by several new accomplishments. And now, on 6th December, the Container Terminal achieved a remarkable annual record - surpassing 200,000 TEUs for the first time. The relentless expansion of container freight continues; indeed, traffic through Koper has risen from 93,000 TEUs in 2001, thus volume has more than doubled in a mere five years.

The growth in cargo handled by Luka Koper is a proof of client confidence, in particular the shipping lines which know and appreciate the quality of our services, as well as reliability and flexibility in fulfilling the needs and requirements of the customer. Luka Koper has systematically built and earned such a reputation by constantly striving for business excellence, something which has also been vindicated by pertinent international authorities.

Reaching the finals of this year's business excellence competition organised by the European Foundation of Quality Management (EFQM), today positions Luka Koper company among Europe's most reputable enterprises. This important achievement will be given particular attention at a business excellence national awards ceremony, to be held on Wednesday 6th December.

The reputation and confidence in our company has also been building among the investment community, a fact reflected in the growth in value of LKPG shares. On Thursday 7th December, representatives of Luka Koper's management shall meet with potential investors in London. This meeting comes in the wake of contacts established last year at a presentation by the Ljubljana Stock Exchange (LJSE). Further to this, the recent inclusion of Luka Koper shares on the LJSE prime market certainly furthers the prospect of growing international interest in our company.

This information is available also on the company's website www.luka-kp.si from 6th December 2006.


The Management Board


Date: 6. 12. 2006