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LUKA KOPER, d.d., Koper

Inauguration of POS-ESDC Logistics Company

Yesterday, 28th May 2007, Koper witnessed the inauguration of POS-ESDC - the POSCO Europe Steel Distribution Center - a new logistics enterprise. It was founded by three Korean companies - Posco, Daewoo Logistics and Daewoo International in conjunction with Luka Koper d.d., which holds a ten percent stake. POS-ESDC will develop a European distribution centre in Koper and Sežana for steel products destined for Central and Eastern European manufacturing operations.

Co-operation of Korean companies with Luka Koper is thus expanding into new areas of business. The accession of Slovakia and the Czech Republic to the European Union, in conjunction with market changes, has encouraged a number of Korean car manufacturers to develop new assembly plants in Europe. Luka Koper already handles containers with car parts destined for the Kia car plant in Žilina, Slovakia. Due to the fact that Korean manufacturers want their European operations to use the same materials (e.g. sheet metal coil) as the ones in Korea, they intend to supply their European ventures via Koper.

Based in the South-Korean city of Pohang, and with shares listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, POSCO was established in 1968, and in less than four decades has grown into the third largest steel manufacturer in the world. Its annual production in Korea alone amounts to 30 million tonnes, and the construction of a new 10-million tonne per annum plant is underway in India. Like Luka Koper, POSCO - which is also a major player in the Korean economy - sustains a high level of social commitment and environmental awareness. The other partners Daewoo International and Daewoo Logistics are respectively engaged in international trade and logistics operations.

The newly established company POS-ESDC has already begun operating from Warehouse No. 53 - a new multipurpose storehouse with the area of 10,800 m2 which itself is an important acquisition within the Port of Koper. Nearly three decades after the construction of warehouse No. 26, the Port of Koper has gained a new storage facility of extraordinary dimensions - composing of three units, each 60 x 60 metres - which will somewhat relieve the rather harsh situation regarding warehousing capacity. Constructed by the Ajdovščina-based Primorje d.d. company, the warehouse has a multipurpose design and is eminently suitable for general cargos that shall also encompass the ferrous and non-ferrous metal products imported by POS-ESDC.

This information will be availble on company's website from 29th of May 2007.


The Management Board


Date: 29. 5. 2007