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LUKA KOPER, d.d., Koper

The Construction of New Facilities is Approved - State Gives Green Light for Luka Koper Investments

The Government of the Republic of Slovenia has endorsed the Annex to the lease contract for quay area and adjacent land at Luka Koper (in the port of Koper area), thereby permitting Luka Koper, as the leasee, to construct some of planned facilities that are an integral part of its development plan.
This Annex refers exclusively on land within the existing port.
The crucial buildings and projects for wich Luka Koper is now able to apply for building permit include:
- connecting the new main entrance with the existing port facilities,
- a highway access ramp leading to new vehicle storage (garage) facilities,
- covering the deposits of coal and iron ore at the European Energy Terminal with a roof
- construction of triangular halls for bulk cargo storage, and
- erection of two multi-purpose warehouses for heavier general cargos.
Further to these constructions, the permission also extends to a series of individual smaller infrastructure projects, such as the extension of rail track, two electrical substations, as well as a variety of covered-storage and other facilities. The Annex also authorizes the construction of primary communal infrastructure at the site of the proposed passenger terminal, in order to meet future development requirements.
The aforementioned facilities are integral to Luka Koper's development strategy. Their construction will allow the realisation of some excellent business opportunities, thus we anticipate future growth in cargo as well as the commensurate development of the company's activities.


The Management Board


Date: 10. 9. 2007