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LUKA KOPER, d.d., Koper

Luka Koper Supervisory Board on Business Plans for 2008

At its regular session on 19th December 2007, the Supervisory Board of Luka Koper d.d. was introduced to the company's business plan for 2008.
Based on the current positive trends and forecasts for the future the plan anticipates continuing growth throughout the coming year, but at a somewhat lower rate as it was in last years. Maritime throughput is expected to amount to 15.2 million tonnes by the end of 2008. Further efforts will be directed to improve the structure of services, in particular to the growth of containers, cars and perishable goods.
Operating revenues are anticipated to amount to 112.5 million euros, a 3 percent increase on 2007 levels, whilst net profits are expected to rise 10 percent to 26.2 million euros.
Luka Koper is to continue a series of intensive investments in 2008, targeted to increase and modernize handling and warehousing facilities. The total value of infrastructure investments in 2008 is expected to amount to some 140 million euros, of which the most important encompass the extension of the container quay and its pier hinterland, together with the purchase of two Post Panamax container cranes and construction of berth No. 12. Work on the new multi-storey car warehouse will continue. The future project encompass also the construction of a new warehouse for general cargoes, shore tanks for liquid cargoes, new triangular halls for bulk cargoes at Pier No. II and the new main entrance to the port. The important investments include the construction of inland logistic centres in Slovenia and abroad as the one in Sežana which is already being implemented. Great attention is given also to the development of the passenger terminal, which represents a continuation of the cooperation with the local community and an opportunity for the development of Slovenian tourism.

The information will be available on company's web site www.luka-kp.si from 20th Devember 2007.


The Management Board


Date: 20. 12. 2007